Aufkleber und Segelflieger-Hüte gibt es wieder ab 01.01.2019. Wir nutzen die Zeit um unsere Webseite und Technik auf neusten Stand zu bringen und bitten um euer Verständnis. Wir wünsch euch jetzt schon fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch!


Flieschen is the Saxon word for flying.

We are twins brother and wanted a modelplane in 2001. And so it came that we held the model in the hand, but it could not fly. So we decided to speak to a local modelpilot club and learn how to build and fly model aircraft. At the annual UHU Cup Laucha (near Leipzig) we were allowed to fly the first time with a glider. In order to bridge the summer holidays, our mother decided to give us a 14-day gliding course in Laucha, where we were already freed and registered after the  summer camp in Pirna in the Aeroclub. Since 2010, we now have the SPL. Tobias has now also the correction for TMG and the license for ultralight aircraft.